We strive to provide the best financial services to all the unbanked individuals in all of The Gambia.

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Agency Partnership:

Authorized QMoney Operators are the vehicles used to give QMoney services to QMoney clients. They are the service’s human face; the link between real cash and digital money. In addition to processing cash ins (deposits) and cash outs (withdrawals), QMoney employees also offer over-the-counter (OTC) services and pre-paid services like QPower.  Depending on the agency type—wholesaler distributor or retail sub-agent/agents are subject to legislation and must fulfill and adhere to Central Bank and business requirements.

Payment Collection:

Join our fast and simple QuickPay or QBill Payment services to accept payments from the +10,000’s of QMoney accounts from all across the nation. Institutions that gather loan payments, membership fees & individual savings can profit from, and enjoy the security of reduced cost and risks associated with handling cash, on our straightforward, adaptable, and independent platform.  

Bulk Payment:

The Bulk Payment service from QMoney offers an easy, quick & affordable method to send payments straight to numerous recipients across the nation. Employers are able to pay employee wages, retiree benefits. Administrators are able to disburse pension payments. Charities can send cash to recipients in far-off places. lenders can disburse loans to debtors with checks and balances to make reconciliation easier.

Corporate QPower

The Corporate QPower service is the ideal option for organizations and businesses with numerous locations across the country that frequently buy QPower. This really does away with the requirement and expense of purchasing Cash Power at a sales location as well as the hassle and expense of making sure the right token is delivered on time and to the right location so that businesses can continue as usual. With just a click, you can immediately purchase and transfer cash power tokens to all your locations. anytime, anywhere. Detailed transaction records are also provided.

Customised/Direct integrations:

In order to provide a more specialized solution for our clients, QMoney allows service providers the option of directly connecting the QMoney platform through system integration. With the help of our tailored solutions, customers can access account balance information, move funds, and make payments or returns with the additional convenience of direct settling and instant reconciliation by connecting with other providers like banks, licensed lenders, and bill collectors.

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