Cash In

cash is the process of depositing electronic money into a your QMoney account i.e. customer’s cash is exchanged for electronic money. This transaction is performed by agents for customers.

Cash Out

cash out transactions are also performed by agents for you. It allows you to withdraw the electronic money in your QMoney account and exchange it for cash whenever needed.

Send & Receive Money

Send & Receive Money

subscribers, especially those with families in rural Gambia can quickly, conveniently and safely send and receive money to and from each other anywhere, anytime and at much reduced costs.

Pay Bills

you can use your QMoney account to pay for goods and services at merchant locations as well as pay bills such as school fees, telephone, or insurance. This feature brings you a lot a convenience while saving business a significant amount of money in reduced cash handling costs and the risks associated with cash handling.

Make Payments

you can quickly and conveniently buy mobile phone credit for yourself or another person and buy pre-paid electricity (cash power) directly from your QMoney account anytime of the day or night.

Bulk Payments

private companies, NGOs and governments institutions are able to pay employees, vendors or any beneficiary directly thereby benefiting from reduced cash handling costs and risks.


you can securely and conveniently deposit and keep money in your QMoney account for as long as you want at a lower cost compared to savings options.