We strive to provide the best financial services to all the unbanked individuals in all of The Gambia.

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What is QMoney?

QMoney uses the latest Telecom Technologies to allow the creation of electronic bank accounts similar to a bank account that is used to access a wide range of financial services, you can now do that through your phone. With its user-friendly interface, QMoney allows users to store, send, receive money, pay for goods, services and much more.

What we do for you?

QMoney provides users with a more secure, convenient and cheaper way to manage their finances on the go. By registering for the service, users can benefit with super fast digital transactions & always give you a  secure process of financial management. The service is accessible anywhere, anytime and is designed to make financial transactions easier, faster and more secure.

Our Mission

We aim to financially liberate the unbanked population of The Gambia. With a quicker, easier & more cost-effective rate than anywhere else! The most important goal we see is to give you & everyone in rural areas and especially in communities with economic and gender inequality financial freedom.

Why use QMoney?

Users who sign up for the QMoney wallet can make use of a streamlined, quick & safe way of managing your money. This service, which is available to you 24/7, can allow you to make all kinds of financial transactions including Transferring cash between banks & between QMoney accounts, but it just doesn’t stop there even if someone doesn’t have a QMoney account you can still buy credit/data & send it to them. With QMoney your Money is right next to you.

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