QMoney services are delivered to QMoney customers via Authorized Agents. Our Agents are the human face of the service; the front liners; the bridge between cash and electronic money.

The Authorized Agent’s role is to educate customers on the QMoney services; help them set up QMoney accounts; teach users how to best use the service; process cash ins (deposits) and cash outs (withdrawals) transactions; sell pre-paid services such as QPower and other over the counter (OTC) services. They are paid commissions by the company for the services they render to customer.

Agents are formally regulated and must meet and comply with Central Bank and company regulations and policies depending on the agency type – wholesaler distributor or retail sub-agent.

Benefits of Being A QMoney Agent

  • Lucrative source of income
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • No new or additional devices or infrastructure required
  • Easy to combine with existing business
  • Free marketing, branding and merchandising
  • Free training and dedicated support line
  • Increased foot traffic for existing business
  • Access to a wide ecosystem
  • Competitive advantage
  • Detailed, real-time reports of all transactions
  • Regulated and protected investment
  • Enhances financial and digital literacyRequirements To Become An Agent

Requirements to Become An Agent

Wholesale Distributor

  • Documentation to show evidence that the individual, company or institution is a legally registered entity and other related documentation
  • Signed contract and application form
  • Investment
  • A smart phone and/or a computer
  • Internet Access
  • Literate (must be able to read and write)

Retail Sub-Agent

  • Evidence of bank account ownership
  • Signed contract and application form
  • Investment
  • A mobile phone (simple or smart) and/or a computer with Internet access (optional)
  • Literate (must be able to read and write)

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