QMoney uses the latest innovative telecommunications technologies to allow the creation of electronic accounts similar to a bank account that is used to access a wide range of financial services via mobile phones. Mobile money enables users to store; send and receive money; pay for goods and services and much more.

QMoney is accessible anywhere, anytime and presents a channel for faster, more secure, more convenient and cheaper flow of money for users of the service and for businesses. Mobile money registration process is quick and simple and transactions are real-time. The service opens up opportunities for reaching new customers; developing new mobile-based product lines and enhancing existing products and services.

At a national level, QMoney has the potential to not only offer in-built audit trails that increases transparency and monitoring abilities; it is a proven economic growth stimulator as it creates employment as well as help poor and low income families build wealth through easier, cheaper and more widespread access to of financial services.

The mobile money industry began in 2007 in Kenya and is now available in over 90 countries worldwide with close to 300 operators such as Orange Money in Senegal, Mali, Guinea; Ivory Coast; MTN in Ghana, Uganda; Splast and Airtel in Sierra Leone and the giant of the industry, M-Pesa in Kenya.


  • Accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Faster, cheaper and easier flow of money.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • More convenient and easy to use.
  • Quicker and simple registration process.
  • Eliminates the restrictions and challenges of traditional banking.
  • Dependable and trusted distribution channels.
  • Real time transaction processing.
  • Records of transactions.
  • Can be accessed with any type of mobile phone.
  • No credit or data required.